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Silent Hills Hacker Breaks Out Of The House To Explore The Town In P.T.

Hideo Kojima's Silent Hills was canceled in 2015


While Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills was canceled all the way back in 2015, fans are still not done discovering new secrets about the game. Earlier, P.T. camera hack confirmed that players were playing as Norman Reedus in the game. However, players wanted to know even more about the canceled game and Lance McDonald has found a way to oblige. Lance McDonald was also responsible for the previous Silent Hill reveal where we get a confirmation once and for all that players were indeed playing as Norman Reedus in the first-person game.

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P.T.  only offered a brief look at the town of Silent Hill but players were never able to leave the house to get a look before now. Players who did manage to escape the house found themselves falling through the ground as the town wasn’t intended for the players to walk through it. However, Lance McDonald was able to patch the game, allowing the player to float above the ground. This lets him explore the town without any issues.

The town in itself isn’t all that different from a regular town. What catches the eye is the attention to detail. Players can find air conditioner units, staircase and potted plants arranged around the town in a realistic fashion. While there are no major revelations exploring the town, there is a definite feel of a half-constructed, abandoned town.

Lance McDonald took to Twitter to share the news, saying, “A new P.T. unseen content video!! For the first time ever, we escape P.T.’s looping hallway and explore the streets of Silent Hill. Yes, we are really going to Silent Hill in P.T. Please tell your friends and enjoy it.” 

With Kojima recently expressing an interest in returning back to the horror genre, we might soon see some spine chilling titles in the future.

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