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Arun Jaitley knew about Mallya fleeing: Subramanian Swamy


Senior Bharatiya Janata Party parliamentarian Subramanian Swamy on Thursday stated that it is an undeniable fact that Vijay Mallya told Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in Parliament that he was leaving for London.

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Sparking the controversy against his own government, Swamy also stated that the ‘lookout notice was diluted on Oct 24, 2015 from “Block” to “Report” departure enabling Mallya to depart with 54 checked luggage items.’ He took to Twitter and wrote, “We have now two undeniable facts on the Mallya escape issue: 1. Look Out Notice was diluted on Oct 24, 2015 from “Block” to “Report” departure enabling Mallya to depart with 54 checked luggage items. 2. Mallya told FM in Central Hall of Parliament that he was leaving for London.”

With this latest revelation, the trouble for the Union government has increased, as on one side Jaitley claimed to had a meeting with the fraudster, while senior Congressman P L Punia claimed he saw both — Jaitley and Mallya — ‘having prolonged meeting in Central Hall of Parliament about two days before he was allowed to escape from India’.

Earlier in the day, Congress president Rahul Gandhi while addressing the press conference in the national capital had alleged that the Union Finance Minister is lying to the nation and must resign from the post with immediate effect. He also sought an investigation into this matter.

Speaking to the media, he stated, “The notice issued for Vijay Mallya was changed to the inform notice. No one can do this other than CBI. They should clarify if they did this on their own or were orders given to CBI? This is a clear-cut case of collusion. There is some deal between them. FM Arun Jaitley must resign and this should be investigated.”

Soon after alleging Jaitley was lying, he passed the mic to Punia, who claimed, “On 1st March 2016, when I was in Central Hall of Parliament House, I witnessed Arun Jaitley and Vijay Mallya talking discretely. On 3rd March, we heard from media that he fled the country on 2nd March, 2016. I have clearly stated about this in each of my interview with media. There are CCTV cameras, we can all see that for proof. If I’m wrong I’ll resign from politics.”

The Union Minister, in his Facebook post had said, “Since 2014, I have never given him (Vijay Mallya) any appointment to meet me and the question of his having met me does not arise”. Jaitley noted that he met Mallya in the Parliament corridor and had reminded him of how he “misused his privilege as a Rajya Sabha Member”.

Jaitley wrote, “I am making an offer of settlement”. “Having been fully briefed about his earlier “bluff offers”, without allowing him to proceed with the conversation, I curtly told him “there was no point talking to me and he must make offers to his bankers.”

On the other hand, speaking to the reporters outside the court, Mallya said, “The prosecution has argued their case. It’s now for judges to decide.” He also stated the reason why he left the country. He said, “I left because I had a scheduled meeting in Geneva.”

Adding on he also claimed that he met Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. Mallya said, “I met the finance minister before I left, repeated my offer to settle with the banks… that’s the truth.” However, he refused to divulge the details of the meeting. Mallya stated that he made a “very comprehensive offer” before the Karnataka High Court, “so that everybody gets paid”.

England’s Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot on Wednesday had said that the Britsh court would announce the decision whether fugitive tycoon Vijay Mallya will be extradited from the UK to India to face fraud charges or not.

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