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Taika Waititi Reveals That Baby Yoda Has a Real Name on Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Star Wars: The Mandalorian has wrapped up on Disney+


The conclusion of Star Wars: The Mandalorian has left a lot of questions regarding Baby Yoda. While the series did reveal the name of The Mandalorian, fans are still in the dark about Baby Yoda. However, actor/director Taika Waititi confirmed to the New York Times at the Golden Globes that “Baby Yoda” actually has a name that has just not been revealed as of yet. Taika Waititi acted as IG-11 while also directing the series finale of the show.

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Kyle Buchanan of the New York Times tweeted out to share the news, “I also asked Taika about Baby Yoda, since he directed the MANDALORIAN finale. “He’s not named Baby Yoda!” Taika insisted. There is a name yet to be revealed, and Taika knows it but won’t hint. “I’ll wait for Favreau to give that away.”

This is exciting news for Star Wars: The Mandalorian fans as we’re always excited to know more about the adorable Baby Yoda. In fact, Bob Iger, Chairman of the Walt Disney Company, has also confirmed that the character has a real name.

“In this particular case, The Child, or The Asset — because we don’t refer to The Child or The Asset the way the world is referring to The Child and The Asset as ‘Baby Yoda’ — that’s a no-no,” Iger revealed. “I got chastised, in my early emails to Jon Favreau, I referenced in my emails, ‘Baby Yoda.’ It just seemed easy. And I got my wrists slapped by Jon a few times. ‘It’s not Baby Yoda!’ ‘Okay, okay!’”

Star Wars: The Mandalorian has just wrapped up its first season and is available for streaming on Disney+.

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