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Nana Patekar gets a clean chit in Tanushree Dutta’s harassment case

The actor is now walking free much to the actress' dismay


Tanushree Dutta had accused actor Nana Patekar and choreographer Ganesh Acharya for harassing her. But now, all charges are being cleared against the actor.

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Tanushree Dutta sparked the #MeToo movement in India which encouraged women to open up about their ordeals. But now months later, with 15 witnesses, all the charges have been cleared.

Tanushree Dutta is very troubled by the verdict. She said in a conversation with MidDay “Who are these 15 witnesses? Are they from my side or Nana’s side? They are Nana’s friends, then why will they corroborate my story. I don’t need witnesses to prove that I was harassed. The truth is sometimes difficult to prove in a court of law when it comes to harassment. The cops have been so slow with the probe. Most of the people from whom they are taking statements are the ones who watched me getting harassed and did nothing to support me. So why will they now speak in my support? The mentality of people is such that they will lie to protect such criminals and prove the woman wrong.”

Tanushree Dutta mentions that the witnesses were all threatened. “We have faced a lot of difficulty in convincing witnesses to give their statements, as they are scared. So the people who know the truth are being hounded and replaced by fake witnesses who are speaking lies. But I still have faith that all the accused will be punished because I am fighting this battle not for myself but for those who suffer silently every day.”

According to the reports, this case was filed by the actress when she was asked to do something against her will. She had stated that the two forced her to do an intimate dance step with Nana against her will. Both of them had denied the allegations back then itself.

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