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Two years jail for house help guilty of 50 lakh jewellery theft


A session court has sentenced a domestic help who was held guilty of stealing jewellery worth Rupees 50 Lakh from her employer’s flat in Walkeshwar. Though the incidence took place nine years ago still the court upheld the conviction.

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Nita Goel, the complainant told court that the domestic help had reached her house December 10, 2009, for house work just as Goel stepped out for some work. Then she continued narrating that she got home around 1.30 pm, she found empty jewellery boxes scattered on the bed. She also said that she rushed to the terrace and found that washed clothes had not been spread for drying and so she suspected the domestic help. Then she called her but there was no response.

Like Goel claimed that there were 26 pieces of jewellery in gold, diamond, ruby and emeralds. The value in all calculated to be Rs 40 lakh and lodged a criminal complaint against the house help. Afterwards she found that more jewellery was missing which counted worth Rupees ten lakh.

Help had no plausible explanation to offer as to why a substantial portion of the jewellery had been recovered from her hence sessions court upheld the magistrate’s court verdit. The court said, “The accused has no explanation in possession of such costly ornaments worth lakhs of rupees.”

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