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This UP Guy dials 100 and calls police To Give Him Lift: Watch Video to know why

This UP Guy dials 100 and calls police To Give Him Lift as he don't have money to travel


You all might be remembering the scene of the film ‘PK’ in which Aamir Khan’s character urinates in public so that the police officer puts him in jail where he can get free shelter and food. The scene was very funny and made us all laugh. However, a guy from Uttar Pradesh (UP) seems to have taken it seriously. Trust us, we are not joking.

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Well coming back to the point, the guy we are talking about is that he called the UP Police and said that he has no money and therefore wants to get a lift from them. Still, you don’t believe than scroll down.

Actually, the unnamed guy wanted to travel from Ujhaari to Gunnaur and he was not having money with him. So the guy called UP police by dialing 100 and asked the police to drop him to Gunnaur. Police arrived immediately and took him into the van and asked him if he has used any kind of narcotics. The guy boldly replied that he hasn’t consumed anything like that but only chillum which he has been using all his life.

Take a look at the video which was posted by Saurabh Dwivedi on Twitter:

In the meantime, another Twitterati named Tushar Chauhan posted the second part of the video:

Now have a look at how Twitteratis reacted after watching this video:

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