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US Tells States To Prep For COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution by November

United States CDC tells states to prep for large scale distribution of COVID-19 vaccine by November


In the race to acquire COVID 19 vaccine, it is quite likely that the United States will have it by November. The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told states to prepare for large scale distributions of the coronavirus vaccine by November.

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The timing of a vaccine has taken on political importance as US President Donald Trump seeks re-election in November. The vaccine will be made available two days before the presidential election in the country. It might boost Trump’s chances.

Vaccine developers and scientists are of the view that none of the vaccines being developed will be ready by them. The most advanced ones are still in phase 3 of clinical trials. The trials will continue until the end of this year. But President Donald Trump has assured Americans that a vaccine will be made available by year-end in America.

Experts and WHO is worried about the premature introduction of a vaccine. Apparently the relevant institutions in the United States are preparing the ground for approving a vaccine candidate for emergency use. They are doing this even before the phase-3 trials are completed.

The Food and Drug Administration, the country’s drug regulator has said it was open to granting emergency use authorization to a vaccine. This will be even before the clinical trials were over if the initial data was favourable.

At present, there are at least seven vaccine candidates currently undergoing phase 3 human trials. currently undergoing phase-3 human trials. 1.Oxford University in collaboration with AstraZeneca, 2. Moderna, 3. Pfizer.

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