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Uttar Pradesh: Man chops off fiancee’s body, after she exposes him


A man named Jehangir Khan from Uttar Pradesh, murdered his fiancee, Zenab Khan, after she disclosed about his illicit affair with another woman to the latter’s family.

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Initially, Jehangir and Zenab’s love story seemed like quite an ideal one, with him the ‘bad boy’ and her the pretty woman. Three years ago, the much in love couple was engaged. Later on, Zenab, age 21, found out that Jehangir, age 28, was having an affair with another woman from Ramnagar, Uttarakhand despite their engagement. She also came to know that Jehangir used to often visit the other lady in Ramnagar.

Heartbroken Zenab, thought of exposing Jehangir. So, one day Zenab showed up at the other woman’s house and spilled the beans of Jehangir’s affair to the other woman’s family. Neither took the news lightly — neither did the woman’s family nor did Jehangir himself.

This act of Zenab enraged Jehangir to no end. He then abducted Zenab from her house and took her to his farmhouse where he chopped her body to pieces at the banks of a river. Somehow, the police managed to nab the murderer after Zenab’s family filed an abduction case on 14 November as well as when the cops identified call details from Zenab’s cell phone.

“Jehangir made a plan, and with the help of his friend Emroz, abducted Zenab and took her to their farmhouse. There, Jehangir’s history-sheeter father, his cousin and their servant strangled her to death and chopped her body into three pieces, poured acid and then buried the body in the jungle.” told the Rampur superintendent of police told TOI

Four teams are formed in order to arrest Jehangir’s father, cousin and their servant, who are currently absconding.

Police have announced a reward of Rs 50,000 each and imposing NSA on accused.

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