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5 impressive health benefits of Walnuts by adding it to your diet

Here's how adding Walnuts into your diet can give you many health benefits


Whether its nuts or dry fruits they are all adequate for the body. In fact, there are few types of nuts that should be added in your diet so that you can receive ample of health benefits from it. There is one particular kind of nut which is Walnut. Walnuts are such nuts that they contain nutritional value and are also rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

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Here are some health benefits of Walnuts that you can get by adding it into your diet:

1. Good for the skin

In general, Walnuts have Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, folate and thiamine. Also, walnuts have omega-3 fats that in effect strengthen the membranes of your skin cells, locking in moisture as well as nutrients that keep it plump and supple and keep toxins at bay that could damage skin cells. So, go ahead and add walnuts in your diet to get this best health benefit.

2. Aids Digestion

Walnuts are good for the skin but do you know it can aid digestion as well? Interestingly, walnuts are really good for the gut. In addition to this, walnuts are packed with fibres and help to regulate bowel movements very well. Apart from this, walnuts consumption even reduces the risk of constipation. Try adding walnuts in your diet to receive this health benefit.

3. Helps in weight loss

Walnuts are also one of those foods that can help and support you in losing weight. As it is known as the low cholesterol nuts which is why they are the right food for weight loss. In case, you are looking to make the most of the benefits of walnuts, then do have it in moderation as they are pretty much high in calories. Eat few walnuts in your daily diet to get the health benefits.

4. Good for Bone Health

Walnuts can also be good for bone health as they are rich in copper and are well-known to improve bone density. Apart from this, it also helps in maintaining collagen and elastin which helps in forming bone structure. Now that you know, add some walnuts in your daily diet.

5. Boost immunity

Unlike other nuts, walnuts have antioxidant properties that enhance the immune system as well as protect the body against ageing, cancer and neurological disorders. Add walnuts to your diet for this best health benefit.

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