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Woman who accused TV actor Karan Oberoi of rape arrested

Cops Arrest Woman Who Accused Actor Karan Oberoi of Rape


Singer and actor Karan Oberoi finally heaved a sigh of relief as the woman who accused him of rape was arrested by Mumbai police. Yes, in a sudden turn of events, the woman a tantric and healer, who had falsely accused the actor of rape, was arrested by Oshiwara police on Monday.

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As reported by a source to NDTV,  The woman is accused of filing a false complaint against Karan Oberoi and orchestrating an attack on herself on May 25. She had written that when she was taking a morning walk two men on a bike had slashed her with a paper cutter. They also threatened to throw acid on her and left a paper chit which read “take back the case”.

The report further added, On May 27, the police nabbed the youths involved in the attack. One of the men, who is the cousin of the woman’s lawyer, said that he was paid Rs 10,000 to carry out the attack. The lawyer, who surrendered to the cops, confessed that the woman had hired his cousin for the attack.

However, the woman refuted the allegations and said that she has written to the commissioner and the Oshiwara police claiming innocence. She also accused her lawyer of framing her

Oberoi, who was arrested on May 6 for allegedly raping and blackmailing the woman, was granted bail by the Bombay High Court on June 7. This was a month after he was arrested. Granting a Rs 50,000 bail to Oberoi, Justice Revati Mohite-Dere came down heavily on the victim and the police in the matter said his lawyer Dinesh Tiwari.

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