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WWE Rumor: CM Punk Returning To WWE As The Mystery Hacker?

Is CM Punk The Mystery Hacker?


It is no secret that there is a lot of bad blood between CM Punk and WWE. While fans have long clamored for the return of the Straight Edge superstar, it did not seem a possibility given the bitter fallout. However, CM Punk shocked his fans when he showed up in the final moments of WWE Backstage. He announced that he would be a part of Backstage. While it wasn’t the return fans were looking for, it was more than they had hoped for.

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Now there might be a chance that fans could get to see the voice of the voiceless in a more active role in WWE. Many fans believe that The Mystery Hacker from Smackdown might actually be CM Punk. However, Ali is also being touted as a possible choice.

A recent post by WWE on FOX does give weight to the theory that The Mystery Hacker is CM Punk. The post is captioned “Do I have everybody’s attention now?”. It is a line made famous by CM Punk years ago. Also, his voice of the voiceless goes well with the message of the video “The Truth will be heard”.

While this is only speculation at the moment, CM Punk returning to the WWE ring would be huge. He is still over with the fans and can be a major player within the company. Many fans were speculating that CM Punk might try his luck at AEW which is WWE’s biggest competition right now. However, if these rumors turn out to be true we might get to see a pipebomb or two in the WWE again.

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