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First AI News Anchor Goes Live On Xinhua News


China is pushing itself a lot ahead in the race of AI from drones to self-driving cars to the real-looking virtual human image that can present news on a live news channel. Recently China’s state news agency Xinhua gave chance to a virtual anchor to present news on live TV for some minutes. This is the start of AI implementation in Media where after looking to the virtual anchor it looks there are tons of possibilities how AI can take over an important part of media reporting.

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Xin Xiaomen the name if AI-powered female virtual anchor featuring a simple appearance looks highly convincing while presenting news on Sunday about delegates attending an annual parliament meeting in Beijing.

The AI Virtual Anchor can mimic human facial expression it can present a story in a well-mannered way where it is hard to determine whether it’s not a human. AI is taking over the world in various sectors to reduce human intervention and deliver high accuracy in limited time.

Xinhua has two news anchors a male and female edition compiled into a human image and emotions to deliver news for the channel. Maybe under the testing period, there is no update from the news channel when these AI-powered anchors will take full news bulletins.

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