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Airpods 2 Just Needs 15 Minutes To Charge Completely


Airpods 2 rumors are around the corner touting many features users are watching for. One among them is the battery charge time of this wireless headset will require time enough till you sip a cup of coffee. According to a tweet by Max Weinbach XDA writer and TV Host, Airpod 2 charging time is very fast.

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As per this tweets, Airpod 2 just requires 15 minutes to load its battery completely, the wireless charging speed is applicable for Airpod and the case that carries additional battery life. The Airpods 2 comes with 5 hours of the battery along + 24 hours additional comes with the charging case.

Apple will be doing critical updates in Airpods 2 and wireless charging is going to be a thing in the future. Reducing the time to load battery will be a significant improvement. With 15 minutes of charge, a user can enjoy up to 3 hours of usage time + additional 24 hours stored in the charging case.

With super-fast wireless charging, Apple is modifying the case design, it will be compatible with first gen Air-pods, Max also said the new case will be bigger in one direction and heavy. The first Airpod was revealed in 2016. Apple continues selling the model for a couple of year and now a newly upgraded model will definitely need to have something new.

Airpod 2 is rumored to be coming in the month of March this year, also Samsung in recent event launched Galaxy Buds that is a close competitor to Airpods. Do you want to know what is the difference between Buds and Airpods then click the link – Apple Airpods Vs Samsung Galaxy Buds.

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