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Yellow Fungus: Symptoms, Causes & All You Need To Know

Yellow Fungus Detected More Dangerous Than Black Fungus and White Fungus. All You Need To Know


After Black and White Fungus, a case of Yellow Fungus infection has been reported in Delhi NCR amid COVID-19 second wave. Yellow fungus, which grows internally is considered to be more dangerous than both Black Fungus and White Fungus. Early treatment is recommended.

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As reported by IANS, ENT specialist BP Tyagi has claimed that there is a patient with ‘yellow fungus’ in his hospital. The 45-year-old patient, a resident of Sanjay Nagar in Harsh Hospital, Ghaziabad, is suffering from ‘yellow fungus’ as well as black and white fungus

Here is all you need to know about the Yellow Fungus infection:

Yellow Fungus Symptoms:

Lethargy, weight loss, low appetite, or no appetite at all are said to be common Yellow Fungus symptoms. More severe symptoms of Yellow Fungus can be sunken eyes or the formation and leakage of pus.

Yellow Fungus Treatment:

Yellow Fungus is treatable if detected early. Amphotericin B injection, which is an anti-fungal drug is used in the Yellow Fungus treatment.

Yellow Fungus Causes:

Yellow fungus infection is mainly caused by bad hygiene. Keep the enclosure around your home as clean as possible. Remove old foods and fecal matter. This prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus. Humidity too should be measured as too much can promote growth of bacteria and fungus.

Yellow Fungus has so far been detected only in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad. No other states have reported the infection. However, cases of both Black and White Fungus, are on a rise in India. There are currently 8,848 cases of Black Fungus estimated across India.

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