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10 Indians among ISIS affiliates surrendering in Afghanistan

10 Indians among 900 people, including Islamic State fighters and members of their families surrender in Afghanistan


Almost 900 Islamic State fighters and members of their families have surrendered to Afghan security forces in the past fortnight. There were many Pakistanis and also ten Indians most of them from Kerala. This took place in the eastern province of Nangarhar.

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The Afghan national security forces are conducting operations against IS in the eastern province. Hours after the operation was launched 93 IS members, including 13 Pakistani nationals, laid down their arms.

As reported by Hindustan Times, 10 Indian women and children who are all members of families of Indian fighters, most of them from Kerala are also among those who have surrendered. The 10 people were believed to have been shifted to Kabul.

Sources reported to HT, “We are evaluating them one by one. More details will emerge once this process is finished.”

Governor says the locals will b settled in their areas. Foreigners stay in prison. Men from Orakzi, Khyber, Bajaur can be handed over to tribal leaders.

As per reports, many Indian-origin IS fighters are believed to be active in Nangarhar though a few have died in airstrikes and operations by Afghan special forces. These people had traveled from Kerala to Afghanistan to join IS. Some of them had converted to Islam and several were accompanied by their families.

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