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Al-Qaeda’s South Asia chief Asim Umar ‘killed in Afghanistan’

Asim Omar was killed alongside six other terrorists and 22 Taliban fighters in a joint US-Afghan raid


Al-Qaeda‘s South Asia chief Asim Umar ‘killed in Afghanistan’. He was killed during the joint United States and Afghanistan military operation. The head of the Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent died in a raid on a Taliban compound in the Helmand province. Along with the South Asian chief, reports suggest that many civilians too lost their lives.

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The news was shared by the NDS on Twitter. Check out the tweets here:

As reported by HT, Asim Umar, the head of al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS), died in a raid on a Taliban compound in Helmand province on 23 September. At least 40 civilians were reported to have been killed in the same operation. The US and al-Qaeda have not confirmed Umar’s death. But the Taliban denied the news. They dismissed it as enemy-fabricated propaganda but added that many civilians have lost their lives. The India-born Omar had been the chief of Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent since its formation in 2014.

AFP reported The US-Afghan joint raid was part of a lengthy operation on the night of September 22 and 23. The US had provided air support for the operation. Afghan authorities had said that they would investigate claims that 40 civilians, including children who have been killed in an airstrike conducted during the operation.

The United States has reached a deal with the Taliban to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, provided they abide by security guarantees and cut all ties with Al Qaeda. However, President Trump cancelled secret plans to host Taliban members after they admitted to killing a US soldier.

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