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Apex Legends map bug causes players problem while falling from the dropship

Apex Legends map glitch has players landing to no end after launching from the dropship


You must have noticed several bugs in Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale, Apex Legends, and the latest bug has just been noticed by a Reddit user ‘Modern169′. Yes, the user has highlighted a bug in Apex Legends which causes terrible problem to players while launching from the dropship. Apart from this, owing to the glitches, there are several users claimed that their games shut down before they even start playing.

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It looks like millions of Apex Legends players are confused which bugs to highlight first as they have noticed numerous bugs in the season 3.

The Reddit user ‘Modern169’ who brought the bugs to the audience captured their game of Apex Legends, which seemed to be more in the realm of an endless flight simulator rather than a battle royale.

The first thing players might have noticed that World’s Edge has failed to load, making it another instance of a match where players have nowhere to land.

Looking at the video clip, players started questioning that what will happen if the glitch happened mid-game, responding to their queries, Modern said, “Nope, the map just never loaded. We all got dropped into that abyss.”

Instead of a dark and endless abyss, however, the players were greeted with a vibrant, albeit disorientating display of images from the game.

While the light show was stunning, the players didn’t have a place to actually land in the glitch Apex Legends match. If you look at the clip, the Pathfinder can be seen flying through a sea of colourful contrails as they weave around the bugged sky.

Notably, there are still several squad remaining but players were still falling as the altitude registered by the game was at an astonishing — 1641 meters.

Owing to other glitches in the game, almost all the players seemed to freeze and stutter with every pass – giving the player one of the trippiest views of the Apex Games yet.


We hope, Respawn Entertainment will soon fix the above mentioned bugs.

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