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Does BTS member Jimin have a stalker? Fans think so

ARMY is convinced the K Pop star has a stalker. Deets here


BTS was on a hiatus but are back once again. The much-loved pop group is busy entertaining their fans. But a rumour that BTS member Jimin is being stalked has become a matter of concern for the ARMY. It so happened that when BTS was on vacation, many fans became concerned about Jimin being followed while he vacationed.

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Pictures of the star from his vacay in Paris, Maui, Russia and other places were being posted by someone on the social media. Despite members of BTS ARMY asking social media accounts to delete the photos, the photos spread throughout Twitter. Not only pictures even Videos of Jimin in a club and pub were also released.

While Jimin vacationed in Russia, photos of him walking through the streets with friends, eating, and waiting in the airport were also leaked online. BTS fans began to wonder if Jimin was targeted while on vacation. This made fans worry that Jimin has a stalker. A slew of ARMY members took to Twitter to point out that during the BTS hiatus, the band members were literally out there and no one was bothered to take pictures of the K-Pop stars except Jimin’s.

Fans are concerned that Jimin has a stalker and have shared their concern on social media. Check out the tweets below to know how concerned they are:

It’s common for K-pop idols and Korean public figures to have sasaeng fans. They are fans who engage in obsessive or stalker behaviour.

Do you feel Jimin is being stalked by such sasaeng fan? Do share your views.

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