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Who Is ‘Binod’ And Why He Is Trending? Find Out How The Name Sparked Social Media Memes 

Social Media Is Filled With Memes On 'Binod'. Here's Everything You Need To Know About How The Name Sparked Hilarious Memes 


Its really unpredictable, what could be the next trending topic on digital platforms. If you are a social media junkie, you must have noticed by now that a name, ‘Binod’ is making quite a buzz. The random name is in the trends for few days now. The question that pop’s up in everyone’s minds is ‘Who is Binod and why he has been trending?’. However, there’s no face to this name, but all you would be finding on social media are the hilarious memes. So, here, we have a compiled all the information about how the name started trending.

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How the name ‘Binod’ started trending:

An Indian YouTube channel, Slayy Point posted a video exploring their comments section, which they had referred to be the ‘garbage’. In the video, Gautami and Abhyudaya highlighted  about the word ‘Binod’, while they were talking about some of the bizarre comments. The duo highlighted that a user named Binod Tharu, randomly keeps commenting his name ‘Binod’ in the comments section of their videos. And rest is the history!

How ‘Binod’ Sparked A Meme Fest On Social Media:

After Gautami and Abhyudaya’s video went viral, several content creators and YouTubers highlighted about noticing the same comments on their videos as well. In just few days it sparked a social media meme fest after several pages started posting about ‘Binod’. The memes about ‘Binod’ has caught the attention of the town, while the face behind Binod Tharu remains under cover still.

Check Out Hilarious Memes On ‘Binod’

Internet turning everything into ‘Binod’

Soon, after the name become a huge trend on social media, the official page of PayTm responded to it changing its handle name to ‘Binod’ on Twitter.

Mumbai Police on the other side also posted a joke on ‘Binod’.

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