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Gujarat: Bridge collapses in Junagadh district, four injured

At least four injured, cars damaged after a 60 feet bridge collapsed in Gujarat's Junagadh district


Four cars fell into a gap as a 60 feet bridge collapsed in Gujarat‘s Junagadh district. The incident took place near Malanka village near Junagadh district as the bridge collapsed due to heavy rainfall injuring many. Though there has been no loss of life many people are still reported to be trapped under the debris. The bridge broke apart in the middle while the cracks were visible up to 500 metres.

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As reported by News 18, Junagadh collector Saurabh Patil said, “A number of cars were destroyed and the village and traffic movement was also disrupted in the area due to the bridge collapse. An alternate route has been opened for commuters. ”

He further added that the bridge used to connect Sasan-Gir wildlife sanctuary with the Mendarda town of Junagadh. It was built around 40 years back. Two cars and three two-wheelers were stuck under the crashed slabs. The vehicles were later pulled out of the debris.

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