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When BTS totally ignored Big Hit Entertainment’s rules and made their own!

Big Hit Entertainment, has certain rules in place but mischievous BTS members have broken them


BTS is on a high ever since their latest album Map Of the Soul: 7 went on to dominate album charts in the top five largest music markets in the world. The latest album by BTS scored No. 1 in United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France. The group is being managed by Big Hit Entertainment a South Korean entertainment company established in 2005 by Bang Si-hyuk. The company has certain rules for the band members but like any youngsters, the members too love to break the rules and make their own.

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Here are 5 times BTS totally ignored Big Hit Entertainment’s rules:

1. Suga disobeyed the rules of the staff’s zombie tag game to win it:

2. J-Hope played a fanmade lyric video in his live stream infringing Big Hit Entertainment’s copyright:

3. Jin chopped his own hair…with kitchen scissors:

4. Jimin screenshot BTS’s Save Me webtoon, which has a policy prohibiting screenshots and tweeted it!

5. Staff told BTS not to drink alcohol on camera, so Jin decided to drink alcohol on camera:

The group has recently shared their “Black Swan” MV on March 4. Jimin’s beautiful transformation, mesmerizing dance moves left ARMYS and his teammates in awe.

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