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BTS’ RM donates 100 million to teach MUSIC to students with hearing impairment

BTS member RM has donated $100,000 to a specialized school for the hearing impaired student on his birthday


BTS member RM — who has recently celebrated his birthday — has reportedly made a sizeable donation to a school for his birthday. As per the report, BTS’ RM donated 100 million won which roughly translates (approximately $83,794) to a specialized school for the hearing impaired students in South Korea.

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The news of BTS’ RM donation won was announced by the none other than Seoul Samsung School itself. They announced that RM had made a generous donation of 100 million won (approximately $83,794) to the school for his birthday.

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The school also revealed that RM had requested to use his donation specially for their music education.

A representative of the Seoul Samsung School is quoted as saying, “We received the donation along with his hope that hearing-impaired students would be able to find many ways to enjoy music together. We plan to use [his donation] to expand our students’ music education and performing-arts concerts.”

Principal Shin Rae Bum added, “We will support a wide variety of musical activities for our hearing-impaired students so that they are able to find happiness through music and gain more social confidence.”

Talking about Seoul Samsung School, it is specialized school that educate almost 120 students from kindergarten to high school levels. By implementing music, movement, and linguistic pedagogy, the school offers music education to the students in need of auditory aid.

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