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CES 2020: Xenoma Launches Smart Pajamas For The Elderly

The smart pajamas unveiled by Xenoma at CES 2020 are a must-have for the elderly


Tokyo based Xenoma has unveiled the e-skin Sleep & Lounge collection at the CES 2020. The smart pajamas collection can help the elderly keep track of their heart rate, breathing, vital signs in addition to providing information about sleeping patterns. The smart pajamas are Xenoma’s cozy alternative to the Apple smartwatches.

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While the smart pajamas brought forward by Xenoma at CES 2020 are good health trackers, they are also very comfortable to wear. In addition, they also come with a fall detection feature that triggers an emergency alarm. The innovative features of the wearable technology don’t end here though. They can also analyze and adjust the room environment according to the sleep condition of the wearer.

Although these smart pajamas sound like a treat for everyone, Xenoma has targeted its CES 2020 launch towards the elderly. Crafted with soft fiber, these loose and airy pajamas are designed for maximum comfort. Another available option is the cozy sweatsuit with a kangaroo pocket. Xenoma CEO and co-founder Ichiro Amimori revealed that these are much more convenient than the wristbands that need daily charging.

The e-skin Sleep & Lounge collection will have its U.S. launch in the spring. Meanwhile, a Japanese launch is also on the table in partnership with Tokyo brand Urban Research.

Xenoma is a Tokyo based smart apparel technology creator. The company is known for developing next-generation ‘e-skin’ that functions as an interface to detect the wearer’s needs. The company was founded in November 2015 and is the current leader in the smart textile market.

The e-skin Sleep & Lounge was honored at the CES 2020 Innovation Awards.

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