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Daily Horoscope 19 December 2019: Check Astrological Prediction For Aries, Capricorn & Pisces

Today's Horoscope for zodiac sign


Horoscope Today, December 19, 2019: IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY:  Your radical number is 10 and you are ruled by the Pluto. You are an attractive and cheerful person who exudes positivity. You like being in the spotlight.  When it comes to family and friends,  you are generous. Lucky colour for you is Grey. Lucky years are  5, 8, 12, 14, and 17. A career in sales or public relations is well suited for you. 

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Daily Horoscope ARIES

The day will be a happy one as your bond with your kids and family.  Today you will come out of your comfort zone and try to bring some positive impact on your decisions. Wear something in yellow to attract positive luck. Be a little wary in the realm of love today. If someone has recently swept you off your feet, take a second look at them. You will find that your attention today is easily drawn away from your responsibilities. If you manage to focus today, you will find you get quite a bit accomplished.

Daily Horoscope TAURUS

You are happiest when there is stability in your career and your family is doing well.  Today you will feel lucky and optimistic about anything you take up. You feel that it is now time to celebrate.  Wear something in brown to attract good luck. Today your partner will shower you with love. Your partner will satisfy not only your physical but emotional and intellectual needs as well. There will be good news on the career front too.

Daily Horoscope GEMINI

Your carefree and charming nature may produce some kind of insecurity in your partner.  There will some major fights, this could make you insecure. Give the other; time to cool off. Avoid wearing the colour olive green today. Today it will be a priority for you to spend time with your true love. Do your best today to make your partner feel like the most special person.  Today you will have to work at a break-neck speed in order to keep up with the pace of your job The time you invest in this matter will pay off for you in the long run.

Daily Horoscope CANCER

You may be losing that creative streak in you as there seems to be nothing inspiring in your work.  Although you like stability in your life and work, you may now need some respite from this same old routine. You may come back with better ideas.  Wearing something in blue is recommended for a good day ahead. Today you will find that your heart is really open to your partner.  Your relationship will be much stronger after you express your feelings.  You may get a job offer out of the blue, consider this exciting opportunity to widen your horizons!

Daily Horoscope LEO

Today you will feel self-centered and very important today. You simply believe that you are the best and the most deserving. Wearing something in dark red will bring you good luck. Today you should make sure you express yourself openly and honestly with your partner. Make sure they know how much they mean to you.  It will be a  good day for you in the office. You will find that accolades are coming your way from multiple directions.

Daily Horoscope VIRGO

Although you love your alone time,  today you will invite your friends to spend some time with you. Socializing will make you more comfortable. Dear Virgo set your emotions free and see how light you can feel. Wear something in blue to attract positive energy. Take time today to reflect upon the state of your relationship and appreciate how far you`ve come. On the work front, after a recent break, you will be ready to start on your work again soon.

Daily Horoscope LIBRA

Stop doubting if your friend really loves you or not, Libra. He/she has been giving you enough hints.  Today it will finally dawn on you what he/she is trying to convey. You will realize that you had been waiting to reciprocate those feelings.  Wearing something in green will help you remain positive. today. Today you find that your feelings for a partner are deepening by the day. You will be at your charming best and even impress your colleagues and boss.

Daily Horoscope SCORPIO

Today you will be worried and stressed from work. You have always had immense confidence in your capabilities, but with some new talents joining the team, you seem to have got shaken. Do not fret, Scorpio. It is the vast experience that you have gathered under your belt, that will always keep you many steps ahead of them. Wearing Royal Blue will prove to be lucky for you. After some recent bumps in the road relationship-wise, you will find that today the rapport between you and your partner has improved.  You will also be able to meet your work targets.

Daily Horoscope SAGITTARIUS

Today you will appreciate your parents for being more understanding and never letting you feel confined. Do not worry your partner too will do the same, you just have yo open up more. You simply need to involve him/her in your escapades; provided of course, if they are willing. Wearing yellow will prove to be lucky. Today may actually seem quite slow in the office.  Try to catch up on some things that had begun to fall by the wayside.

Daily Horoscope CAPRICORN

You can be amazingly patient and disciplined, in your quest to reach a goal. You are a workaholic, Capricorn and you know you will not allow anything to come in the way of your success. But many times, this kind of obsessive work takes you away from living in the present. After a very long period of deliberation, you find that today you finally make a very important decision regarding your career. Wearing red will attract positive cosmic energy.

Daily Horoscope AQUARIUS

Today you will be in a pensive mood and will want to seek solitude. You may just want to sit alone and ruminate over the happenings of the last few weeks. This will help you get in touch with your own emotions, this introspection will help you face certain facts.  Wear jade green to attract positive cosmic energy.  If you are in a relationship, your partner will express to you how much you mean to them.  Let your partner know how committed you are to him/her.

Daily Horoscope PISCES

When you get upset about anything Pisces, logic and reason seem to leave your senses. This, in turn, stresses you out. as only your feelings then, come into play. Today,  your decision-making abilities will be reduced and force you to comply with what others suggest.  Lucky colour for you today is green.  Share your feelings with your beloved and you will see this love reflected back to you. In the realm of your career, you will have various options open to you.

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