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Fortnite Star Ninja Pokes Fun At Twitter Account Hacker

Ninja has gained back access to his Twitter account


Fortnite star Ninja was a victim of account hacking joining the list of high profile accounts that have been hacked recently. Hackers took over the Twitter account of Tyler Ninja Blevins to promote the hacker’s Twitter account. The Twitter account @OwenBreh has since been suspended by Twitter. They also tweeted out insults at the popular streamer, Tfue, and DramaAlert host, KEEMSTAR.

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“Following 5 Who follows @OwenBreh Like and RT when done,” read the first tweet.

Ninja has since gained back access to his Twitter account. He deleted these tweets while also posting a video that poked fun at the hackers. He said that all high profile hackers were functioning off the same script where they promoted their own accounts and gathered attention by insulting other high-profile accounts.

In similar cases, the official Twitter accounts of Facebook, as well as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, were also hacked. The hacker group OurMine also hacked Twitter accounts of numerous NFL teams before SuperBowl. The same group is responsible for hacking the accounts of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Tfue had replied to the hacked tweets stating, “WTF??!? IMAGINE NINJA BEING MAN ENOUGH TO FIGHT ME”

However, Ninja addressed the gamer once he got access to his Twitter. “I have no interest in fighting you
@TTfue. I don’t hate you, I don’t want you to fail, but I also don’t appreciate you using my twitter being hacked as a publicity stunt. It was a breach in privacy which nobody deserve to deal with, your making it worse for me and helping him.”

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