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Best things you can do for your mental health

Here are some tips that you can follow to improve your mental health


Mental Health is a major life force without which balancing your work, life and health becomes difficult to live day by day. Our psychological well-being is important just like our physical health and personal lifestyle. The need to handle your emotions and feelings is absolutely vital. Lately, if you have been feelings the blues and are not able to handle your stress or deal with everyday difficulties, it is the right time for you take care of your mental health.

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Here are top ten tips with which you can boost your mental health-:

1. Self-Love

Loving yourself should be your priority. Often times, in life we give priority to others. In fact, we always place others before us in our priority list and keep ourselves last. If you want to be mentally happy, start putting yourself first. Value yourself. The love that you freely give away to others, start giving it to yourself. Treat yourself with respect, unbiased love, kindness and humility. We all are so much bothered by the criticisms of others and self-sabotaging ourselves that we degrade our mental health by constant torture of self-criticism. Stop it. Rewind. Don’t hate yourself. Look after your needs, what you love, what you like. Loving yourself is essential to your over all-well being and it is one mental health tip recommended that you must follow.

2. Be around good people

good people

Apparently, it is true and noteworthy point that people who have strong ties with family and friends are much more happy and satisfied in their lives than the ones who are more likely alone or have a lack of support. In case, you have been feeling down the dumps, it is significant that you start connecting and constantly stay connected with your family and friends. This should be your mental health goal that you definitely must keep in mind. The more people you have to rely on, the more merrier and blissful your life will be.

3. Stop the noises in your mind

One mental health activity that you should daily follow is meditation or yoga. In the stressful, complicated lives in today’s modern world we frequently feel harassed by the bad noises in our mind. We forget who we are, what we are and all that we listen to in our mind is the bad noises that make us feel neglected, depressed, unloved. To curb all the noises that bring havoc in your life, begin doing relaxation exercises, meditation, yoga or prayer. It is necessary that you give your due attention to your mental health and relax your mind while you can by meditation.

4. Look after your health

When was the last time you actually took out time for yourself and took care of your health? If you don’t remember, start making some necessary changes in your life to boost and improve your mental health. A quick reminder to you, mental health shouldn’t be an option in your life, it should be a priority. A major one so that you follow daily. Some good mental health examples for you are; drink ample of water, exercise daily whether hitting the gym or doing aerobics. It is a known fact that exercise done daily improves mood, calms the mind, generates feel-good hormones in the body, decreases anxiety, panic or depression. Also, one pro mental health tip for you is to get sufficient amount of sleep. Also, eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid junk food as much as possible.

5. Deal with stress effectively

deal with stress

Keeping your stress level in check is mandatory especially when your main goal is mental health. Stress is a part and parcel of our life and while we may run away from it many times though we might not admit but escaping from it only brings more problems instead of solutions. Addressing stress should be your prime goal. Despite going through stress, people often bottle up all the tension and pain instead of letting it out. Practice some effective stress strategies that will give you the relief you need in hard times. For instance, play with your pet, breathe in fresh air as you go on a walk, laugh out loud, dance on crazy song numbers, watch comedy shows or movies or best attend a live comedy show in your city. Laughter is considered as the best medicine. Use it as a tool for improving your mental health.

6. Get help by opening up to someone

When adversity arises in our life, we follow the ‘fight or flight‘ mechanism. However, the sad part is we don’t face it or address our mental health needs. Once we start ignoring the signs given by our mind that we are undergoing through a tough time and that we need someone to talk to, we tend to spiral down. We reject all our emotional needs and bottle up our emotions until one day the outcome of it is depression, stress, anxiety or panic attacks. When life hits you with loss of a loved one, disappointments, don’t take all that poison in, let it all out. The main thing in having the solid mental health is to open up to someone. Talk, let all the burden that’s weighing you down out. The more you will trust and let your loved ones know that you are going through hardships, the more emotional support you will get. Also, it is understandable that once you get the love, affection and support you recover from all the stress indirectly increasing your mental health and boosting it further.

7. Avoid self-medication through drugs or alcohol

Just because drugs are easily available doesn’t mean that you start doing self-medication without being consulted from the right doctor or physician. Avoid alcohol and other drugs. More often than not, people take drugs or alcohol thinking that by this means they will be able to take care of their mental health and not realizing that it will only deteriorate further. By taking to drugs and alcohol, you aggravate problems in your life and thereby damaging your mental health. Don’t resort to the drugs unless advised by the right physician or practitioner. Instead, get out and talk to someone, may be your family, friends or perhaps join a club or support group that will help you out of the battles you are fighting daily. When you will make right choices, your mental health will come on track gradually and by that you will get to know about yourself better.

8. Make face to face connection

Social networking and phone-calls may help you in some manner but face-to-face conversations should be your prime goal. Whenever you feel like you are not yourself and feel unwanted, don’t sulk and refrain from talking. Opening up to someone is a sign of strength not weakness and when you feel down, call your close friend and and arrange to meet up. When you meet them in person pour out all your sadness and unburden yourself. Never favour virtual relationships as it won’t give you the satisfaction you are aiming for. Look out for direct communication, invite family friends on a lunch, visit your friend’s home or ask a neighbour to join you for tea and snacks. Real connections and meeting in person are some adequate mental health examples that you should follow in your daily regime and significantly improve your mental health.

9. Eat nutritious food


Whatever you eat, it affects the way you think and feel. Take a good look at your diet and figure out yourself that what you eat makes you think, feel or make you look at certain things in a different way. The secret ingredient to your sound mental health is in the food you eat. If you are finding way to how to be mentally happy and healthy then start being aware of the food you eat. When you eat an unhealthy diet, your sleep gets disrupted, immune system weakens, energy saps and moods fluctuate whereas when you have a healthy and wholesome diet, you feel active and energetic, sleep improves, and you feel your best and joyful. Eat foods that boost your mood and that accelerates and support strong mental health. For instance, almonds, flax seed, beans, spinach, blueberries, strawberries, omega-3 foods, milk, fish, sardines, green vegetables.

10. Focus in the present

focus in present

The culprits of bad mental health is the past and future. So many people, so often live in the past that is buried and dead or in the anxiety of the future. Only few are able to enjoy the perfect mental health by living in the present moment. It is crucial that you stay mindful of your present. Live and enjoy the present moment. Most of your anxieties will vanish once you will live in the present. Your emotional and mental health will drastically improve once you let go of the negative emotions attached with your past and future. Pay attention to your senses like sight, smell, taste. Engage yourself in your passion. If you want to learn Mexican food, start doing it today, if you want to learn guitar, find a tutor or learn by yourself. Make time for your hobbies and passion. Make a time-table and follow it, break bad habits, and give yourself the love you deserve by pampering and grooming yourself.

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