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Mortal Kombat 11: How To Perform All Fatalities In MK 11-Full Guide

Mortal Kombat 11: Here is all every MK 11 fatality and how to do for each character


Mortal Kombat 11 has finally launched today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. but do you know how to perform fatality for each character in MK 11? If you are now aware of any fatality you must read this MK 11 Guide till the end. Yes, we have covered how to do all of the fatalities for each character in the game. You can find most of the commands in the fatality trainer but there are few that can be elusive. The following are the commands and required distances for fatalities for every character along with a key at least until you earn more from the Krypt.

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Mortal Kombat 11 provides Fatality Training in the ‘Learn’ tab which allows you to find out input for each character’s fatalities and the distance from your opponent that you’ll need.

Here is How to Perform All Fatalities in Mortal Kombat 11

Yes, below is the way how you can do every fatality in MK 11. Please note that we will keep updating this Mortal Kombat 11 Guide occasionally.

1. Control Key

  • F – Forwards
  • B – Backwards
  • U – Up
  • D – Down

2. Baraka

  • Food For Thought (Close)
  • B D B Triangle
  • Rock, Paper, Baraka (Close)
  • B F B X (Cross)

3. Cassie Cage

  • I <3 U (Mid)
  • D D F Circle
  • #GirlPower (Far)
  • B D D B Triangle

4. Cetrion

  • Maintaining Balance (Mid)
  • D F D Circle
  • Good And Evil (Mid)
  • B D B X (Cross)

5. D’Vorah

  • New Species (Close)
  • B F B X (Cross)
  • Can’t Die (Mid)
  • B D D Circle

6. Erron Black

  • Melted (Mid)
  • D D D Square
  • Death Trap (Mid)
  • D F D Triangle

7. Frost

  • Ice Sculpture (Close)
  • F B D Square
  • The Cyber Initiative (Mid)
  • B F D F Circle

8. Geras

  • Phasing Through Time (Anywhere)
  • B D D X (Cross)
  • Peeling Back (Close)
  • D F B Square

9. Jacqui Briggs

  • Spider Mines (Mid)
  • F B F X (Cross)
  • Nothin’ But Neck (Mid)
  • B F B Circle

10 .Jade

  • Bow Before Me (Anywhere)
  • D D F D Circle
  • Poll Dance (Close)
  • B F D F Square

11. Jax

  • Coming In Hot (Close)
  • F D F X (Cross)
  • Still Got It (Close)
  • B F B D Square

12. Johnny Cage

  • Mr Cage’s Neighbourhood (Close)
  • F B D D Circle
  • Who Hired This Guy? (Close)
  • F D F Square

13. Kabal

  • Road Rash (Mid)
  • B F D F X (Cross)
  • Hooked (Close)
  • D D D Circle

14. Kano

  • Last Dance (Close)
  • F D D Square
  • Face Like A Dropped Pie (Close)
  • B D F Triangle

15. Kitana

  • Gore-Nado (Mid)
  • D D D D Triangle
  • Royal Execution (Mid)
  • D B F Square

16. Kollector

  • For The Kollection (Close)
  • D D D D Circle
  • Head Lantern (Close)
  • D F B Square

17. Kotal Khan

  • Totem Sacrifice (Close)
  • B D B X (Cross)
  • Kat Food (Close)
  • B D B X (Cross)

18. Kung Lao

  • Headed Nowhere (Close)
  • D F B D Triangle
  • Meat Slicer (Close)
  • D F D X (Cross)

19. Liu Kang

  • Burn Out (Close)
  • D B D F Square
  • Belly Of The Beast (Mid)
  • B D B F Triangle

20. Noob Saibot

  • Double Trouble (Mid)
  • B F B F Circle
  • Split Decision (Close)
  • D D D Square

21. Raiden

  • Alternating Current (Mid)
  • B D B Square
  • Direct Current (Close)
  • D F B X (Cross)

22. Scorpion

  • You’re Next (Far)
  • B D D Square
  • Chain Reaction (Mid)
  • D F B Triangle

23. Shao Khan (DLC)

  • Back Blown Out (Close)
  • B F D D Triangle
  • Kahn-Sequences (Close)
  • B F B Square

24. Skarlet

  • Bloody Mess (Mid)
  • B F D X (Cross)
  • Heart Kondition (Mid)
  • D D B Circle

25. Sonya Blade

  • To The Choppa (Mid)
  • D F B Triangle
  • Supply Drop (Close)
  • B F D X (Cross)

26. Sub-Zero

  • Ice-Cutioner (Mid)
  • F B F Triangle
  • Frozen In Time (Mid)
  • B D B Circle

Till 23 April, Shao Kahn’s second and both of Frost’s fatality commands are not known, but there is a video of both of the former’s brutal finishers and both of the game’s first unlockable character’s. check out the video below.

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