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Patanjali’s Coronil Not Certified Or Approved Clarifies WHO

After Baba Ramdev's claim on Patanjali's Coronil, WHO claries Coronil neither certified nor approved


Baba Ramdev presented a scientific research paper on evidence-based medicine Coronil for COVID-19. Soon several Indian news outlets and other social media users shared the misleading claim on the internet. They stated Patanjali’s ‘Coronil’ has been recognised as a medicine for COVID-19 by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The World Health Organisation soon issued a statement regarding Corovil and said that the claims are false.

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WHO clarified that it has not given a nod to any traditional medicine for the treatment of coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

Soon, Patanjali issued a clarification on Twitter saying that the “WHO GMP compliant CoPP certificate to Coronil is issued by DCGI, Government of India and not WHO”.

Patanjali had introduced Ayurveda-based Coronil on June 23 last year. But it had to face severe criticism as it lacked scientific evidence.

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