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Players complain about the length of Pokemon Sword and Shield

Most players completed the game within 20 hours


Pokemon Sword and Shield launched on 15 November 2019 to mixed reviews. The game has polarized the Pokemon fanbase like never before, with a fan even filing a White House petition to stop the sales of the game. Now, the players have a new complaint against the game. The Pokemon community has taken issue with the length of the game.

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Sword & Shield Length

While the game length varies from player to player, the average amount of time taken to complete seems to be around 20 hours. This data was received through a Twitter opinion poll.

The results revealed that the average duration to complete the game was 20 hours. While that was the norm, a number of players took less than 10 hours to compete the game. Similarly, a sizable amount of players also took more than 40 hours to complete the game. In the end, the game length is entirely dependent on the playing style. If a player decides to blaze through the main story, they will complete the whole game much quicker. In reverse, if the player decided to  fill up their Pokedex  as well as explore the game, it will take a lot longer to complete.


Sword and Shield Speed Through

Plenty of players have already completed the game and quite a few of them have managed to do it under less than 10 hours. One players manged to complete a speed play of the game in 4 hours and 30 minutes. Another 5 players completed the game in five hours or less. These players were only going through the main stroyline but it still seems like too short a duration for a  game of this magnitude.

Players complain the game is “too short”

The game has evoked a lot of  polarizing opinions and fans had a lot to say about the Game Freak presentation. Joseph took to twitter to express his disappointment with the game, saying, “I really liked Pokemon Sword/Shield but one problem it’s too short. I beat the game fully and all the post game in 20 hours or less. With that much play time in the game I personally don’t think it’s worth 60$. I would give it a 6/10.”

A similar view was shared by another Twitter user who said, “Pokemon Sword and Shield has so much potential but Game Freak literally launched a short fused game. I would’ve gladly waited another year for more content than this.”

However, not everyone agrees with these opinions. A lot of users are taking their time with the game and do not understand what the fuss is all about. A Twitter user named Meg voiced this sentiment on Twitter.

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