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Saaho actor opens up about being slapped by fan or wedding, affair questions

Prabhas has recently reacted on being slammed by his fan at the Los Angeles Airport


Do you remember a video of Prabhas being slapped by his fan, which went viral on the internet? Yes, in that viral video, an excited fan of Prabhas can be seen softly slapping Saaho actor at the Los Angeles Airport. If you look at the video, the girl initially makes a request to Prabhas for a selfie-and he agreed. When he posed for a selfie, the girl could not control her excitement and slapped Prabhas in order to touch his face.

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When, Prabhas — who is currently busy promoting his upcoming film Saaho — was asked about the same, he said, “I was surprised by her move but later I understood that she was all excited upon seeing him.” Prabhas, who is known for showing his affection towards fans said,  “I used to take such incidents as my fans’ love towards me. There is nothing like having a bad feeling about them”. WHAT? Has Shraddha Kapoor Really Charged Rs 7 Crore For ‘Saaho’? Find Out

Talking about his personal life, earlier there were rumours that Prabhas and Anushka Shetty are dating each and other they have gone house hunting in Los Angeles. Dismissing his affair rumours, in an interview to Mumbai Mirror, the Baahubali actor reiterated that they are just good friends.

Prabhas said, “Anushka and I are very good friends but if there was something more, wouldn’t someone have spotted us together in the last two years? The question was posed to me on Karan Johar’s show too. I let Rajamouli and Rana (Daggubati, Baahubali co-star) answer it and even they stated that there was nothing between us. It wasn’t as if I had prepared them.”

When Prabhas was asked whether he felt bad when the interviewers asked him about his wedding and affair with his Baahubali co-star Anushka Shetty, he replied, “ The media has all the right to ask about personal questions. This is because they feels that his fans want to know about that and the media is a way to convey the message to his fans know more about him. “

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