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Rainbow Six community not happy with the lack of content in Money Heist event

Players were expecting more in the way of content


Rainbow Six Siege recently announced its limited time Money Heist crossover event. The event launched on November 20 and has already drawn criticism from the Rainbow Six community for its lack of content. Money Heist Event is a crossover event with the popular Spanish series La Casa De Papel, known as Money Heist in English.

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The Money Heist crossover event, which will go on till November 25, brings forth items such as the red jumpsuits and the Money Heist mask from the show. However, according to the Rainbow Six community, there isn’t much else that the event brings to the table.

R6 content creator ‘Get_flanked’ perhaps best expressed the sentiments of the community, “I personally think the word “event” should not have been used for the Money Heist game mode. People hear that word and think it is going to be on the same level as Doktors Curse.”

The limited time event has had no bearing on the main gameplay. The only change in the game is the hostage wearing a design from the show. With the big announcement fans were expecting a lot more content to be up for grabs than the two Vigil and Hibana bundles.

Reddit user pipstrum added his two cents to the situation saying that the event should not have hyped players expectations. “Calling it a ‘mini-event’ instead would’ve been better. The word ‘event’ just gives us a certain expectation,” It is blatantly clear that the fans were expecting a well rounded event like the Rainbow Is Magic April Fools’ celebration rather than a few new items.

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