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Ramadan Kareem 2019 Time Table: Here Is Sehri Or Iftar Timings Of India

Ramadan 2019 Time Table: Here is list of cities located in India and their Sehri and Iftar timing


Ramadan 2019 — The month of blessing — will begin from 7 May (Tuesday) in almost all cities such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Nagpur, Bangalore and others. Ramadan, which is also known as Ramzan has already started in several Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others from 6 May 2019. The moon of the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Ramzan-ul-Mubarak was not sighted in Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai on May 6 hence it is expected to be seen today.

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The Central Ruiyat-e-Hilal Committee has already made an announcement stating that Ramzan (Ramadan) will begin from Monday night and the first Roza or fasting will be observed on Tuesday. The first special prayer — Traaveh — will be performed today in almost all parts of the country.

The Hilal committee has said that the moon was not sighted in Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata and other nearby cities or towns. Therefore, Monday will be 30th of Shaban and the first Roza will be observed on Tuesday. You can click here to know which country will have the shortest and longest fasting time around the globe.

Fasting hours in India will be of 14 hours and 23 minutes on the first day. While the Saheri timing will end at 4.20 am, the first Iftar will be at 6.43 pm. However, the Roza’s will become longer as days pass. The last Roza of this year will be of 14 hours and 44 minutes. In 2019 Ramadan Kareem, there will be four Fridays.

You can read more contents related to Ramadan 2019 below:

Talking about the special nights in Ramadan 2019, the Shab-e-Qadar, one of the three holy nights, will fall on June 1 (Saturday night) and the Jumatul Vida, the last Friday of Ramzan, will be celebrated on May 31. 

If the moon is sighted on 29th Roza, then Eid-ul-Fitr will be celebrated on June 5 (Wednesday). Else, it will be celebrated on June 6 (Thursday). For the special prayers, everywhere in the country, special arrangements have been made for Traveeh, which is basically performed after Namaz-e-Isha.

In Mecca Masjid, almost 8,000 to 10,000 Muslims are likely to participate in the Taraveeh prayers where Hafiz Moulana Rizwan Qureshi will supervise the reciting of three Paras (chapters) of the holy Quran each day for the first 10 days of Ramzan.

Arrangements have also been made at several places for Simaat-e-Quran, the congregations where holy Quran is recited. Such gatherings are primarily attended by women. It may be mentioned here that the holy month of Ramzan has begun in the Arab countries on Sunday night and the first Roza will be observed on Monday across the Middle-East.

Here are Sehri (Suhur) and Iftar timings of Delhi in India. The Sehri and Iftar timings vary on sunrise and sunset, and they vary every day. The dates are given according to the Islamic month and Gregorian calendar.

Ramzan 2019 Timetable: Iftar & Sehri Timings of India

1Sunday 07 May04:09 AM7:00 PM
2Monday 08 May04:08 AM7:01 PM
3Tuesday 09 May04:07 AM7:02 PM
4Wednesday 10 May04:06 AM7:02 PM
5Thursday 11 May04:05 AM7:03 PM
6Friday 12 May04:05 AM7:03 PM
7Saturday 13 May04:04 AM7:04 PM
8Sunday 14 May04:03 AM7:05 PM
9Monday 15 May04:02 AM7:05 PM
10Tuesday 16 May04:01 AM7:06 PM
11Wednesday 17 May04:00 AM7:06 PM
12Thursday 18 May03:59 AM7:07 PM
13Friday 19 May03:59 AM7:08 PM
14Saturday 20 May03:58 AM7:08 PM
15Sunday 21 May03:57 AM7:09 PM
16Monday 22 May03:56 AM7:09 PM
17Tuesday 23 May03:56 AM7:10 PM
18Wednesday 24 May03:55 AM7:10 PM
19Thursday 25 May03:54 AM7:11 PM
20Friday 26 May03:54 AM7:12 PM
21Saturday 27 May03:53 AM7:12 PM
22Sunday 28 May03:53 AM7:13 PM
23Monday 29 May03:52 AM7:13 PM
24Tuesday 30 May03:52 AM7:14 PM
25Wednesday 31 May03:51 AM7:14 PM
26Thursday 01 June03:51 AM7:15 PM
27Friday 02 June03:50 AM7:15 PM
28Saturday 03 June03:50 AM7:16 PM
29Sunday 04 June03:50 AM7:16 PM
30Monday 05 June03:49 AM7:17 PM

Ramadan 2019 Time Table India

You can also click on the name of the cities to know the Sehri and Iftar timing during Ramadan 2019.

Source: UrduPoint.com

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