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Ranu Mondal Clarifies The Rumour Of Salman Khan Gifting Her A House

It was reported that Salman Khan gifted Ranu Mondal a house in Mumbai, the singing sensation has dismissed the report


The internet singing sensation Ranu Mondal has finally given her clarification over rumours stating that Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has given her luxurious home in Mumbai. Ranu Mondal, who has been making headlines since a few days has rubbished the rumours saying that if Salman gifted her a house, he would have made an announcement about the same.

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In a video interview with Navbharat Times, She can be heard saying, “No! If it’s about gifting a house, Salman Khan would’ve made an announcement about it. If not this, he would’ve said that he’s gifting it to a friend or something related. But, till he doesn’t officially announce anything, it would be wrong to assume things.”

“I didn’t tell anyone to help me and I’ll not ask for any help from Salman Khan too. At first, when I heard these rumours, I thought it could be true or not. I also heard him gifting me a Red car, there were a lot of them. But, I would’ve trusted the news only if Salman had contacted me directly,” she added.

The singing sensation has been in the news for multiple reasons including her comparison with legendary singer, Lata Mangeshkar.

Speaking about Lata Mangeshkar’s views on Ranu Mondal, which stirred controversy, Himesh Reshammiya said that it is important for an artist to draw inspiration from someone. “I feel we have to see in which connotation Lata ji has made that statement. I feel when you start copying another singer then it doesn’t work that well. But I also feel that taking inspiration from someone else is really important.” 

At the launch of a new song on Wednesday which was also attended by Ranu Mondal, Himesh added, “Kumar Sanu always tells that he is inspired by Kishore Kumar. Similarly, we all are inspired by people in some way or the other. When I started singing songs in high pitch then people criticised me, terming it as nasal singing. But if you look at the international scene, it has become a common trait.”

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