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Bigg Boss 13: Rashami Desai’s Manager talks about Arhaan Khan’s bankruptcy comment

In an interview, Rashami Desai's manager Santosh breaks silence on Arhaan Khan's bankruptcy comment; Read


‘Bigg Boss 13′ has seen many secrets unveiled on the show. One of the biggest revelations was when Arhaan Khan told Shefali Bagga that Rashami Desai was bankrupt and also claimed to have extended his hand to her during that time. Now, Desai’s manager Santosh broke the silence on Arhaan’s bankruptcy comment.

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In an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, Rashami’s mother Rasila Desai joined by Rashami’s manager, Santosh, broke silence on the bankruptcy remark and clarified that it was never the case, speaking about her financial status, Santosh said, “Rashami and I have been working with each other since 2013. About bankruptcy, even if Rashami stops working today, for the next 10 years she cannot get bankrupt. For someone who owns a flat in a high-end building in a Mumbai, has four more vehicles. The time which Arhaan mentioned (where she allegedly was bankrupt), she owned two luxurious cars which were on her own. Yes, I can say that she was in a space where she wasn’t working on television.”

“She was not getting her big monthly cheques. You can say that she took a break of 4-5 months which every actor takes which was her choice. Despite that she had been doing events. She is the queen of events from the world of Television. She fends herself well even during her sabbatical,” revealed her manager Santosh.

Further, he continued, “We know Rashami accepted that she was bankrupt inside the house, she might have said it in a moment of phase just like she said she knew of Arhaan’s marriage initially. Once she is out, she might clarify that she was never bankrupt. Whatever relationship she had with Arhaan, but no one can never attach the word bankruptcy with Rashami.”

Rashami’s mother Rasila Desai also said, “That was Rashami’s love for Arhaan which you saw inside which stopped her from calling him out. She would have never let him look bad inside the house.”

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