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Samsung Galaxy Phones Worldwide Receive Cryptic ‘1’ Notification

The notification was sent out accidentally


Samsung Galaxy phone users worldwide have received a cryptic notification from the Find My Mobile app. Several Galaxy users have reported the alert. The push notification only has “1” written with another “1” below it. nothing happens if you tap the notification.

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A few hours after the notification was sent, Samsung clarified that the messages were accidentally sent during an internal test. Since the Find My Device has access to phone location, screen lock, and blocking Samsung Pay, many users were concerned about these cryptic notifications. Users tweetes out asking Samsung what the notifications were about. A concerned user tweeted, “@SamMobiles @SamsungHelpUK @SamsungMobile hi, any idea what is happening here to seemingly every Samsung phone in the world?”

Samsung replied back, explaining the incident. “Recently, a notification about “Find My Mobile 1” occurred on a limited number of Galaxy devices. This was sent unintentionally during an internal test and there is no effect on your device. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our customers.”

Aside from latest Samsung devices such as the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Note 10 series, users with Galaxy S, Galaxy A, and Galaxy J series phones have also received the same push notification. However, some Samsung users who don’t have the “Find My Mobile” app also claim to have received these push notifications.

This isn’t the first instance of companies sending out weird notifications to its users. Just last year, OnePlus accidentally sent out garbled text and Chinese characters to its users. It later turned out to be a result of a failed internal test for a software update.

Samsung’s official UK support channel on Twitter has addressed the event. It called the Find My Mobile message a mistake “sent unintentionally during an internal test.” Samsung says it won’t have any effect on the devices that received it.

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