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Shab-e-Barat 2020: Delhi Police ask Muslims leaders to not congregate this year

Delhi Police spoke to religious leaders and asked them to refrain from any gathering on Shab-e-Barat this year.


As the entire country is in a state of chaos, bewilderment and uncertainty due to Coronavirus outbreak, the Delhi Police on Saturday asked religious leaders to avoid gathering on the occasion of Shab-e-Barat this year.

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Muslims throughout the world celebrate or observe the night of absolution on Shab-e-Barat, which is also known as mid-Shaaban or Laylat-ul-Baraa. It falls 15 days before the holy month Ramzan (Ramadan) begins. Shab-e-Barat 2020 will be celebrated on Thursday (April 9) in India.

According to reports, the Delhi Police held a meeting with all the Muslim leaders in Sangam Vihar and asked them not to indulge in any gathering keeping eye on public safety.

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“Since the safety of citizens is our utmost priority, Delhi Police spoke to religious leaders and asked them to refrain from any gathering on Shab-e-Barat on April 8/9,” said the Deputy Commissioner of Police, South Delhi.

The meeting comes after the Nizamuddin incident where thousands of people were assembled for an event at Markaz and some of them later found positive for COVID-19.

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According to Muslims, on this auspicious night, fortunes of all humans for the next year are decided or God (Allah) forgives sinners. It is to be noted that not all Muslims observe this mid-Shaban night as holy, Salafis do oppose the recognition of this night.

What is the meaning of Shab-e-Barat?

The word Shab in Urdu is night and Barat, which is an Arabic word whose meaning in English is innocence or Salvation. The exact meaning of Shab-e-Barat is the night in which God forgives his worshippers on this night or night of absolution, the night of assignment or we can say that the night of salvation.

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