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How to disable cross-play on Fortnite Chapter 2 for console

Here's how you can enable or disable cross platform Fortnite matches


You must be enjoying and getting entertained with the brand new map or dozens of new features in Fortnite Chapter 2. Are you one of them who are looking for ways to turn off their cross-play on Fortnite Chapter 2 for console. If your answer is yes, do not worry, in this guide we will explain how you can disable cross play for not only PC but Xbox or PS4 as well.

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How to disable cross-play in Fortnite Chapter 2

Lets take an example, if you are playing Fortnite Chapter 2 on the Switch, you can play at 30 FPS, but they’re in the same lobby as PC players so they are at an extreme disadvantage. Notably, the biggest disadvantage of of Swtich is that you can’t turn off cross play in the Chapter 2 of Fortnite. But, if you are using Xbox One or PS4 you have an option to disable cross-platform play.

According to a Reddt user named OhKeithMC, who explained how you can turn off cross-play in Fortnite by following some easy stpes. But, the steps he has mentioned will only work for the Solos playlist.

How to turn off cross-play in Fortnite Chapter 2 for Xbox

Xbox Players: Settings > Account > Privacy & Online Safety > Xbox Live Privacy > View Details and Customize > Block Matchmaking Outside Xbox Live

How to turn off cross-play in Fortnite Chapter 2 for PS4

PS4 Players: Settings > Control Options > Scroll down to Allow Cross Platform Parties.

Unfortunately, this setting or steps will not come handy for PC users. It is to be noted that it is a temporary solution to the problem but if enough players keep up the complaints, it’s possible we could see the platforms separated again.

How to enable cross platform Fortnite

If you have disabled cross-play in Fortnite but wanted to enable it again, so this guide will help you to do so. Notably, enabling cross platform in Fortnite Chapter 2 is quite different to your PS4 or Xbox One friends list.

Be sure to visit EpicGames.com and make an account if you are playing on console and if you are playing on PC you would not require to follow the process. Since, you’ll already have one of these. What it indicated that you can’t just jump into a mobile lobby as PC player and destroy all of the opposition – it simply wouldn’t be fair due to the increased resolution, better controls, etc.

For example if there’s a mobile player, a PS4 player and a PC player in the same squad, you will all be playing against PC players. Later, you need to develop a friendship with anyone who you like to cross platform Fortnite with  through your Epic account.

Notably, if you are playing on Console you are required to have a PC or Mac to do so. Download the Epic Launcher, open it and log into your account. Next click the silhouette in the top right and enter your friend’s Epic email address or username and press OK. You will have repeat the process until invite all your friends.

The moment they accept your friends request, you will be able to return to your system of choice. Now when you click the silhouette you’ll be able to see all of your friends, highlight the name and select ‘join party’ to enter their lobby.

Yes, that’s how you can turn on cross platform Fortnite matches.

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