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Bulandhshar Violence: ‘Maaro, take his gun,’ Mob says, caught on camera


Yet another video revealing more details about the killing of police inspector Subodh Kumar Singh in Uttar Pradesh’ Bulandshahr surfaced on social media. The video suggests that the murder of Singh and Sumit, a 20-year old local man are linked.

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The cop may have been killed in retaliation to police firing on an advancing, hostile mob, which allegedly resulted in one of the protesters getting killed.

The Uttar Police has not commented on the video. In which, Sumit is seen with a chest wound, but he does not appear to be an onlooker as has been reported so far and as his family claims. In the video, Sumit is seen as part of the mob hurling stones at the police.

The wild crowd enters a field and some of them can be heard shouting that “shots have been fired”. Then Sumit, bleeding, is seen being helped by two men.

According to NDTV, a constable armed with a gun is seen in a field as the mob closes in, with the video-taker repeatedly shouting: “Snatch the guns. Maaro, maaro.” At the end of the video, the inspector, prone on the ground.

Later, according to what cop’s driver has told the police, he was shot by the feral mob. The driver had bundled him into his SUV and was trying to take him to the hospital when the mob caught up with the vehicle, cornered it in the field and shot the officer.

The prime accused in the mob killing is said to be a Bajrang Dal Activist, who had reportedly complained about cow slaughter. As the police make other arrests, Yogesh Raj remains missing. Yesterday, he put out a WhatsApp video claiming he was not part of the mob and was not involved in the killing.

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