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How To See Private Instagram Profiles – Complete Guide

3 best ways to view Private Instagram Profiles


How to view Private Instagram profiles? You must be tired of trying to to see photos and videos of someone on Instagram, who have kept their account private mod. There are several celebrities, influential people and girls, who usually keep their Instagram account private refraining people to see their Instagram posts. In this article, we will talk about several ways explaining how you can see Private Instagram profiles. 155 Questions To Ask Your Crush

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It is likely that you have a crush on some girl or someone who you want to stalk on Instagram but she kept her Instagram profile private. Who does not want to follow or see Instagram profiles of some beautiful girl or handsome hunk? But….Instagram provides some privacy setting letting its users put their account on private mod. 15 Best MMORPGs Every Game Lover Should Play In 2019

Do you feel sad when you can’t view your girlfriend/boyfriend or someone’s Instagram profiles and want to see her/his Private Instagram Profile? You have come to the right place. There are people who have kept their Instagram account private so that people excluding their followers can not look at. 

Over the period of a few years, Instagram emerged as one of the most popular social media platforms where millions of people share pictures and video on daily basis. We all know there are two types of account in Instagram ie, public or private. 

In public, you can see Instagram photos and videos of everyone but in private, you can see Instagram posts of selected people. Notably, private accounts can only be viewed if the person approves the request of the follower. Don’t worry, we have brought you some ways to see Private Instagram profiles.

How to view private Instagram profiles?

If you are still one of those who are looking for ways to view someone’s private Instagram profiles, we have almost solved your problem. We have mentioned some easy steps below to make you understand how you can see someone’s private Instagram posts.

1. Ask the person directly

The easiest way to look at someone’s Instagram profiles is to asks the person directly to approve your request. You can follow the following steps to reach out that person.

  • If you do not mind following someone on Instagram or want to look at his or her post, be sure to send them a follower request.
  • If the person put his or her account on private will get notification that someone wants to follow or talk to you.
  • You can simply write a message expressing your feelings.
  • If the person feels same for you or have an interest of extending his or her hands to be in contact with you will approve your request.
  • Once the person approves your request, you will be allowed to view his or her Instagram pictures.

2. Create a fake ID

If the person, who you want to see Instagram posts, does not approve your request, you can create a fake Instagram ID and send the person request again. There is a probability to get your request approved with a fake Instagram account. This is surely against the ethics and manners but it can work for you. Follow the below steps to see Private Instagram profiles using fake account.

  • Create a fake Instagram profile and make sure to put the display picture and name of a girl.
  • You must be wondering why Girl’s name? If you want to see private Instagram profiles of a girl, she is most likely to accept the request of girl instead of a boy.
  • Mostly, boys do not keep privacy settings on their accounts.
  • Before sending request, make sure to add some female photos on Instagram making it more realistic.
  • You can also make the account private so that the next person feels curious to approve your request. Try to be a nice person by sending a timely request.
  • If your request is still not approved, you can send her/his a private message with kind words as a female account holder.
  • Now, you can view someones private Instagram.

3. Use Instagram profile viewer tools

We have yet another method to see someone’s private Instagram profile without following them. Yes, you read that right. There are plenty of tools available on the internet allowing you to see private Instagram accounts. Notably, we would not recommend using any third party tools. If you want, then do it at your own risk because the websites or apps might steal information from your device. Follow the easiest steps to look at someone’s Private Instagram accounts.

  • When you visit THIS website, you will be asked to right your Instagram username.
  • After putting username, select whether you want to download the pictures or view now. Select as per your interest.
  • This step might a little bit risky and it may require some personal information of you. We urge you not to provide any confidential information.
  • After following some basis steps, you will be directed to the private account where you can download the content or view it online.
  • These specific sites or apps can never be downloaded. Every time you have to go online through your preferred browser to view pictures of Instagram.


We have mentioned three methods to view private Instagram profiles but urge you to go ahead with the first method. The first method that we have mentioned above that is legal, genuine or appropriate way to ask for someone’s permission. Despite persistent attempt, if the person does not approve your Instagram request, then you can go ahead with the second or third option.

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