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Ramadan Fast: When is the first roza of Ramadan 2020?

The first fast of Ramadan 2020 to occur in India on Saturday, April 25.


The holy month for Muslims, Ramadan, is around the corner and people throughout the world are all set to welcome it. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Isalmic calendar, which marks the time when the Almighty revealed the first verse of the holy book, Quran to prophet Muhammed SAW.

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Ramadan begins with the sighting of the crescent moon, which is likely to be seen today in various parts of the world including, Saudi Arabia, Dubai among others. The crescent moon is most likely to be visible in India on Friday (April 24, 2020).

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Fasting is mandatory upon everyone who reaches puberty. Fasting occurs from sunrise to sunset, and a day of abstinence is broken by a night-time meal called Iftar. But when does fasting start this year?

When is the first fast of Ramadan 2020?

Ramadan is most likely to be started from April 24, 2020, in various parts of the world including gulf countries. However, the first fast in India will occur on April 25, 2020. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims visit mosques for special prayers called Traveeh but as people have been asked to main social distancing, prayers will be performed at homes this year.  (Also Read | Ramadan Kareem 2020: Date, Time Table, Significance, History and Quotes)

When do Suhur and Iftar start?

Suhur is a pre-dawn meal consumed even before the Namaz-e-fajr (morning prayer). After eating Suhur (Sehri), Muslims do not eat anything throughout the day and then break the fast with Iftar. Muslims believe Suhur is a blessing and most people enjoy it with a spread of bread, potatoes, eggs, rice, and dairy.

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Suhur time

Suhur is a meal consumed before the Namaz-e-fajr and it can not be eaten post the morning prayer. It is consumed as early as 2:30 am. The first Suhur should be consumed by 3.27 am. It is to be noted that Suhur times creeps earlier and earlier in the day through the duration of the month, in line with the changing daylight hours.

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What is Iftar?

Iftar is a meal, which breaks the fast and it consumed as soon as the sunsets. The meal is often eaten at home with family, or it brings together branches of families and friends for a meal. For Iftar, Muslim prepare delicious foods. Notably, Iftar does not happen everyday evening at the same time.

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims donate alms to the needy. The ending of Ramadan marks Eid-ul-Fitr. They put on new or their best clothes and perform Eid prayer at Eid Gaah. But this year, Eid celebration is likely to be a bit different due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

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