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#MeToo: Alok Nath is afraid, I am feeling liberated now, says Vinta Nanda


After being inspired by the #MeToo campaign the actress Vinta Nanda has accused Alok Nath of sexual abuse and humiliation while doing a TV show dates back in 1999. The victim Vinta Nanda is busy meeting advisors for the future course of action.

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Twitter has been talking about Nanda’s alleged rapist Alok Nath since she posted her ordeal on Facebook. While, the Sanskari actor, Alok Nath neither denied nor accepted the allegations.

Nanda spoke about it earlier and the fact that he is denying it now means he’s scared. “I would imagine he’s afraid and he is the one who needs to deal with his fear. I am fearless today because I have spoken what I had to and I’ve let it out. And for the first time in 20 years, I’m feeling fearless, like I used to feel at that time before this happened,” Ms Nanda quoted by ANI as saying.

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Vinta Nanda told the media today that when she first spoke out about her experience, it was brushed aside and that Alok Nath continued to get work while she was branded a troublemaker. Now, she says, she’s not afraid.

“I have spoken openly and I am not shamed. The man who has done it to me is the one who should feel ashamed. I am speaking because he should be ashamed because he has lived so many years believing he got away. Why should I hide my face?” Ms Nanda said, reports ANI.

While the actress was assured to provide full support by the Cine And TV Artistes Association or CINTAA in the event of a formal complaint. The Producers Guild has also released a statement saying they are committed to providing safe workplaces for all members of the film and TV industry.

Beside Vinta Nanda there is a report claiming, Alok Nath has also harassed his co-star Navneet Nishan on the sets of Nineties TV show Tara, which Ms Nanda created. But, she ended her harassment by slapping the actor.

“This has to be taken to a logical end and I don’t know what will happen next. I am feeling free and liberated now. Media has supported me and this is my inspiration. I think things are changing and let’s wait for things to get better,” while talking to the news channel she said.

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