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4.5 magnitude earthquake rattles San Francisco Bay Area

4.5 magnitude earthquake shakes Bay Area, felt as far as South Bay


A magnitude 4.5 earthquake rattled California’s Bay Area and surrounding counties Monday night. It struck around 10.30 pm and as per the UGSC, the epicentre was less than a mile from Pleasant Hill in Contra Costa County. The tremors were felt as far as Chico, Lake Tahoe and Salinas.

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It was soon followed by a multitude of aftershocks. The largest registered a 2.1 magnitude.

There were no immediate reports of injury or damage. KPIX 5 meteorologist Darren Peck said the quakes were not on the San Andreas fault nor the Hayward fault.

As reported by the Chronicle, the earthquake occurred on a previously unmapped fault between the Concord and Calaveras faults.

The Bart reported that trains were running at reduced speeds as they were inspecting the tracks. This caused some delays. The earthquake happened just days before the anniversary of Loma Prieta that took place in 1989. It had killed 63 people in northern California.

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