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BTS sends message of support to Korea to overcome COVID19

K-Pop band BTS shares a video message on YouTube to extend support to Korea as the country struggles to fight Coronavirus.


South Korea has reported the lowest number of new coronavirus cases since infection rates peaked four weeks ago. The country recorded 64 new cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, taking the total to 8,961 with 111 deaths. Now, the K-Pop band BTS has shared a video message to extend support to Korea as it struggles to fight Coronavirus.

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The video message was shared on the BTS’ official YouTube account and its “Love Myself” campaign account on Twitter, in acknowledgment of a request by a group of nurse officers at the Korea Armed Forces Nursing Academy.

The video starts with Kim Seok-jin aka Jin saying, “Taking the stage of an empty auditorium, we are acutely feeling how meaningful it was to breathe with you in the same space.”

Later, Park Ji-min aka Jimin said “we are connected closely enough to share sufferings as well as joy … If you have the courage and will to overcome any difficulties, the power of connectivity could help us overcome this time of difficulties.”

Member Jeon Jung-kook aka Jungkook said “Now is the time that we need trust rather than anxieties, and consolation rather than rage,” adding that BTS will seek support in battling the pandemic.

Team leader Kim Nam-Joon aka RM said the group will do the best it can while setting for things to return to normal. V believed that “the moment we can share music and joys with you could come quickly.”

Finally concluding, Jung Ho-Seok aka J-Hope expressed special gratitude to the local medical workers in the middle of the coronavirus fight before all the seven members joined hands and shouted: “cheer up Republic of Korea.”

Watch the video:

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