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THIS Is What Keeps BTS Members Happy

BTS members Suga, V, Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope, and RM shared a happiness list


Have you ever wondered what makes the BTS boys really happy? There are a number of small things that the BTS boys enjoy and that gives them happiness.

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BTS members Suga, V, Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope, and RM shared a happiness list for FESTA 2018 of things that make them happy.

Check out the things that BTS members like to keep them happy.

What Keeps BTS Members Happy


  • Watching the sky, laying on the grass hill of Han River park
  • Drinking a can of beer after taking a shower
  • Drinking oolong tea and rooibos tea on an empty stomach
  • When lenses are perfectly placed at once
  • A midday with no people in Seoul Forest Seongsu-dong Han River
  • When I buy clothes, imagining that they would go well with the items I already have and when it really does match.
  • When we get a day off in a long while and the weather is shockingly good
  • When an arrangement I thought of, perfectly matches in with the melody I thought of (happens very rarely)
  • When the delivery arrives earlier than I thought
  • When I feel like I’m receiving love


  • Going to take videos of trips
  • Playing games as soon as I wake up
  • Going to restaurants and drinking alone
  • Going to the movies
  • Watching movies in my room with a beam projector
  • When I apply cream after showering in the evening
  • Working out! When my body is pumped up
  • Shopping online!
  • Teasing hyungs
  • Eating delicious things


  • When the last round of the game is close, but I play an active role and win
  • When members laugh at my jokes
  • When it’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon when I wake up
  • When I feel my shoulders are wider after working out hard
  •  When members eat deliciously what I cooked
  • When I hear compliments that my face is good looking
  • When I say hello to ARMYs after performing (I love you)
  • When I’m dancing and Hobi(J-Hope) looks at me with a pleased look
  • When I eat
  • When Jungkook is massaging my shoulders (happiness)


  •   Looking at my collection of polaroids
  • Chatting with Hoseok hyung after work
  • Visiting Jungkook’s room
  • Meeting friends (doing various things with them when I get free time in between my schedule)
  • Uploading a post on the cafe and reading the comments
  • “Games” I’m really bad at games but it’s strangely fun
  • Alcohol: I suddenly started to truly enjoy drinking
  • Shopping: Not deciding in advance and just buying this and that on the spot
  • Travel: Traveling is always enjoyable, whenever!
  • Concerts: My happiness


  • Taking photos (roaming with a film camera)
  • Looking at paintings (looking at old famous artists and photographers)
  • Playing games (playing games together with friends also becomes precious memories)
  • Traveling (leaving to make memories with precious people)
  • Sleeping (there’s nothing more comfortable than sleeping)
  • Eating (eating delicious food is the best)
  • Wearing clothes (clothes are my life)
  • Watching movies (I like watching all kinds of movies except for extremely scary ones)
  • Playing with Yeontanie (so fun)
  • Being with family (just being with them together makes me happy)


  • Going to the bathroom after I wake up in the morning
  • When I made a good purchase of lifestyle goods on the Internet
  • When I made a cool beat
  • When I eat delicious food, new food
  • When I go shopping, When I chose something that’s pretty but cheap
  • When I finished all the schedule that I personally planned
  • When I finished drying my hair after taking a shower
  • When my face isn’t puffy in the morning
  • When I drink cold americano after eating heartily
  • I like winter… When it snows on Christmas


  • Sleeping for a long time on rest days
  • Sleeping in late on days we don’t have any schedule
  • Turning my alarm off and getting up late
  • When I buy newly released speakers
  • When I drink single malt whiskey alone
  • When I buy new midi equipment
  • Sleeping for a long time on a sunny day without any fine dust
  • When I watch concerts of foreign artists that I like
  • When I work again on projects that were put off
  • When I drink iced Americano on an empty stomach

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